Our Labradors


Happy Healthy Labs

Our Labs are raised running free enjoying  days at the lake or camping. We believe dogs caged up day after day create a very stressful envierment for the dog. can you imagen if you ware put into a cage day after day.  Stress free dogs have stress free puppies that preform better with less issues. WE BREED FOR QUALITY NOT QUANTITY .


My name is Zaria

I'm a yellow lab aprox 70lbs. I have been very well trainned as all my training comes very easy to me, I can find anything you want me to and do many tricks. Im also very loving and great around kid.


My Name Is Jasmin

Im a Chocolate Lab aprox 65lbs. I have been very well trained. Hunting is one of my faverite activities. Im a geat pointer and love to perform all kinds of tricks i can even point at fish in the lake. Very loving and love to hang out with the kids.


My name is Ellie I'm Zaria's daughter. I'm in training and will be having some puppies in one year. For now we are just having lots of fun.